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Nutrios MABROOM Seedless Dates

Nutrios MABROOM Seedless Dates

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Product Description

Mabroom Al Madina dates, a fruit with a slender, firmer, and longer body than its counterparts. With its flexible wrinkles and dark brown color, these dates are a sight to behold. Bite into the fibrous brown flesh and enjoy its soft and dry texture.

Lite sweet taste, Mabroom dates are rich in energy, vitamins, fiber, and minerals, making them the perfect snack to keep you alert and energized throughout the day. Plus, with its high iron content, your body will thank you for this nutritious treat.

- Sweetness: Complex
- Nutritional Value: Nutritious
- Country of Origin: Saudi Arabia
- Storage: Dry

Health Benefits

  • Mabroom dates are a rich source of vitamins, fiber, and minerals
  • They provide an energy boost and help maintain alertness throughout the day
  • Mabroom dates are lower in sugar compared to other dates
  • They are a good source of iron, which helps in the formation of red blood cells
  • Mabroom dates also contain antioxidants that help to protect the body against damage from free radicals
  • They have a positive impact on digestive health due to their high fiber content
  • Mabroom dates may help regulate blood sugar levels due to their low glycemic index
  • They are a healthy and delicious snack that can be enjoyed on their own or added to various dishes.

Why Nutrios ?

  • Authentic Mabroom dates
  • Meticulously sorted, graded, and cleaned
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Rich in essential vitamins and minerals
  • Freezer-safe for longer storage
  • Ideal as a snack or natural sweetener in recipes.
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  • Excellently Sourced From Middle East

    Our Dates are harvested from the most fertile farms that holds the legacy of this auspicious fruit.

  • Delivered Pure & Fresh

    No additives, artificial colours or preservatives are used in this product. Each batch that is shipped to you goes through several quality checks.

  • Grade A (highest quality)

    Only the highest quality date sorted date by date.

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Loved it, Especially the seedless part.

Love the Mabroom Red Dates

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